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Hight Quality Paper Cups

healthy production

SGS Product Test Report

Your health care is important for us!

AVC applies management systems related to Printing & Packaging, quality and environment and improve continuously.  We assess our point of view to all values laid down as whole in terms of nature and environment and we are proud of it. 

Our raw materials awareness for healthy products presents our success about environment and we offer you products of a dynamic structure, which can be measured in this sense.

We determines the sensitivity of the subject of the direct effecting of the used materials to the human, nature and environment health and we are aware that this awareness is an absolute must value. We stake out claim these values.


go history
AVC was established on an area of 4000 m2 in 2006 to serve the sector with regard to the manufacturing of disposable paper and packaging products.
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recycled products

go social responsibility
It commits to serve service as quickly as possible which is respectful to the environment and which can be recycled in a way not to give harm human health.
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go environment
As a paper based product company we are very aware of our environmental responsibilities and have taken a number of innovative steps to improve our environmental position.
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go staff
Please feel free to contact one of our friendly members of staff who will gladly assist you with any queries you may have.
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